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The Ray Woolridge Award is a perpetual trophy named in honour of Ray Woolridge who was the founder of the Heatherdale Junior Football Club in 1969. The Heatherdale JFC later merged with the Heathmont FC and the result was the establishment of the Jets Juniors Football Club in 1998. The Ray Woolridge Award is presented to a player from the non-competitive age groups who displays consistent behaviour and dedication both on and off the field. All non-competitive team coaches nominate one player to receive the award– each of these nominated players receives a certificate. The criteria for nominations include the following, although other criteria can be included at the discretion of the Coaches: ● Application, dedication and enthusiasm towards all facets of the game including training and matches ● Positive team spirit ● Demonstrated self development/improvement ● Positive sportsmanship towards team members, opposition players, umpires and officials ● Development/improvement of skills from previous season and throughout the current season. Based on the nominations, the Junior Committee then selects one player to be the recipient of the Ray Woolridge Award.

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