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It's Team Photos Time!

We have arranged to have ShutterSports take the team photos again this year. The first lot of photos will be THIS SUNDAY June 17th. ALL photos will be taken down at Heatherdale. Your Team Manager has received the time slots.

A message from ShutterSports on how you can order online like last year:

Ready to order you club photos?! We've made the process as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4! Simply follow the link below:

Step 1: Select the product you're after and the desired quantity. Step 2: Select your team from the drop down menu and hit add to cart. Your print will look exactly as pictured with the players image inserted. Step 3: Once you've finished adding all your products it's time to check out! Just make sure to enter the player's name in the comments box! Step 4: Enter your payment details to pay securely via PayPal or Credit Card. You're all done! They will deliver the photos back to Heatherdale for collection. If you've got any questions, you can call them

on 1300 920 607, or drop us a line any time at

Scheduled times are as follows:-

June 17th

17/06/2018 8.00am 10C

17/06/2018 9.00am 11B

17/06/2018 10.00am 13C

17/06/2018 10.30am 12D

17/06/2018 11.00am 14B

17/06/2018 11.30am 15A

17/06/2018 1.00pm 17B

17/06/2018 1.30pm 16 Girls

June 24th

24/06/2018 8.00am 9

24/06/2018 8.30am 12 Girls

24/06/2018 9.00am 10 Girls

24/06/2018 10.00am 12B

24/06/2018 10.30am 8

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