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Celebrating our Volunteers

This week we celebrate the special people that community football clubs are built upon - our volunteers. Each week over 90 of us fill permanent volunteer roles across the club to keep the Jets flying on the field. That equates to about 30% of the families at the club represented and involved! This is what we are all about at the Jets.

National Volunteer Week 2023 is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteers. From Monday 15 to Sunday 21 May 2023, we celebrate, thank and recognise the significant contribution the 3 million sport volunteers make across Australia.

The theme for this week is The Change Makers, representing a celebration of our power to drive change and ensure volunteering is inclusive of all members of the community.

We say thanks to the incredible people who volunteer at the Jets Juniors and the vital roles they play in delivering a quality sport program for our children.

We are asking all our players and parents this week to give “3 cheers for volunteers!”

Thank You -

  • For Getting Involved

  • For Everything You Do

  • For Making a Difference

We encourage you all to call out a volunteer this week and say thank-you for the support they give us.

Our Change Makers are listed below -

Team Coaches

Matt Street

David Hose

James Fotheringham

Chris Walters

Craig Ball

Shane Krutop

Eddie Warfield

Glenn Skerry

Heath Walker

Chris Carrigg

Rod Farrow

Paul Telford

Michelle Williams

Assistant Coaches

Greg Allen

Anthony Knowles

Adam Mack

Kathryn Jeffery

Bradley Neil

Mark Lanyon

Mike Vodopier

Vaughan Acland

Bailey Hanna

Team Managers

Caroline Dixon

Bec Robertson

Elaine Wilkinson

Ceri Clark

Daniel Burt

Amy Taufer

Renee Webb

Kate Haley

Jacqui Sanderson

Donna Gagnon

Amber Thorgersen

Sue Miller

Beth Allen

Curtis de la Pierre


Ebonie Rio

David Facey

Mel Watson

Duncan Vaysey

Blair Wilson

Dan Noble

Kath Glenn

Rachel Shannon

Franz Kielblock

Matthew Tymms

Michael Bedford

Seonad Pietersz

Matt Harrington

Amanda Neil


Jodie Flower

Michelle Irvin

Glenn Welch

Adrian Graham

Daniel Graham

Rob Paul

Jon Moody

Liam Routledge

Andrew Glenn

Luke Woods

Daniel Sheers

David Young

Jacqui Ackland

Louise Carigg

Hailey Ferris


Franz Keilblock

Jack Davidson

Eddie Warfield

Jo Hart-Parker

Brett Davidson

Canteen Managers

Nicola Shaw

Andrea O'Connor

Committee Members

Jo Hart-Parker

Mark Lanyon

Eddie Warfield

Brett Davidson

David Young

Paul Telford

Craig Ball

Caroline Dixon

Jane Walker

Beth Allen

Ebonie Rio

Lisa Burt

Fairlie Tucker

Natasha Dumais

Kate Haley

Jen Grantham

Kathryn Jeffery

Neil Jeffery

Kate Ryan

Also thanks to the numerous other assistants, photographers, timekeepers, goal umpires, canteen helpers, and umpire escorts that help out each week.

Why not approach a Change Maker this Sunday and show your appreciation of the personal time and effort they put in for the Jets?

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