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Registrations to PlayHQ now open!

Thank you for your patience and to those that took up the Early Bird option through the website. We are now ready to go live with PlayHQ and hopefully we have captured everything. 

The club is circulating the link today [see below] and we know there may be a few teething problems, but we are here to help.

-        Here is the Link


Please go to How to Register for more detailed information which takes you through step by step.


-        If you registered through the website, you will receive a code in a separate email from the club, which you will need to use when asked, to ‘claim their profile’, and pay the EFNL insurance.  This applies to those that have also paid for siblings through the website.  

-        It is recommended that players are registered under the parent/guardian’s name.  This enables the parent/guardian to then register dependents under that email.

-        It is also hoped that parent/guardian’s will register themselves as volunteers at the same time, as this will help out with game day duties [eg goal umpire, umpire escort, runner, trainer etc ] enabling Team Managers putting names on team sheets [more information on creating Team Sheets will happen in February]

-        Merchandise is only available through the Jets Junior shop

-        Please download the PlayAFL app – this app gives you access to all the fixtures, ladders and results.

-        We have been advised that PlayHQ will be introducing PayPal4 – part payments in mid January and we will let you know when this is available.

-        The club will be looking at running a couple of registration days incorporating some footy clinics early February to ensure we have everyone across.


Thanks again for all you support while this migration has been happening.  Here’s to a BIG 2024 Season!


Any queries please contact either :-

Go Jets!

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