Road to the Premiership - Jet's U14 Girls

Chris Carrigg - Coach.

Friday 22nd February seems like a long time ago but it was where the first steps were taken by the Heathmont Jets U14 girls team to what would become a premiership winning season. Back on that hot Friday afternoon in our first training session we had 21 girls show up to train in the park next to the football ground as we didn’t even have an oval to train on and we had a coach that had no idea what he was doing. Luckily the girls didn’t know any different and off we went.

We trained every Friday afternoon with great numbers showing up with all the girls keen to learn and improve – even one night where it was 40 degrees – the sort of commitment that would be needed 6 months later on Grand Final Day. As a group we had a chat about what we wanted out of the year and the key themes were summed up in 3 words:

  • Fun

  • Improvement

  • Teamwork

Or FIT for short. I took the acronym a little further by ensuring fitness would become part of what we wanted to do. There were always a few groans when I would send the girls off for a jog but the hard work paid off when it mattered. I would like to think that the girls had a lot of fun while still working hard, I know they Improved out of sight during the year and they definitely jelled as a team – working hard as a team on the field and creating strong bonds off it.