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Round 11 Match Report - Jets U9 vs Rowville

Heath Walker - Coach.

Our first game playing as a full team together at Purches St, we turned up on a cold morning ready to continue our team rules of having fun and further developing. We had two out ill, giving us exactly 18 to play, however we had multiple players under the weather and the cold weather took them beyond their limits despite their bravery. Two of those boys went out of the game and unfortunately the other team did not want to have their players even the numbers and instead took two off the field.

The Jets won the football out of the middle on most occasions despite Rowville playing their talls in the middle for the full game, our rotating midfield allowed all the players to get a chance to stay warm running up and down the field in a reasonably free flowing game. The first quarter saw Rowville kick most of the score, however these roles were reversed in the second quarter with the Jets kicking multiple goals. The last two quarters were a little bit more clogged up and the scores came from running with the ball and long kicks into the forward line. The team braved it out to the end, battling the cold and a team that had fresh legs from the bench.

Player Awards:

Goal of the week: Blake

Mark of the week: Tyler

Play of the week: Matthew

Player of the week: Riley

Player of the week: Spencer

Teamwork and respect award: Taj

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