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Round 8 Match Report - Jets U10 Girls vs Mitcham

Paul Telford - Coach.

A challenging ground set-up appeared to throw the girls ‘off’ a little to begin with. We were confined to the forward 50 of Mitcham’s main ground, playing from pocket to pocket. Relatively small, & no markings on the ground, made for a congested & scrappy affair.

There was a lack of our normally very good link-up play in the first half, but this was rectified (at the request of the coach) in the second half. The game then opened up a little more which led to a few more marks & a few extra shots at goal. Our marking gets better & better each week. Confidence makes such a difference ...

The trapping & picking up of ground balls was also very good. Using our hands like paddles to keep the ball in front. Something we have been working on at training.

The girls pressure & defence against a couple of the opposition’s very best players was also very good. Defensive running is the toughest running.

Poppy Skerry played her very first game of football & had a great start to her footy career by getting a number of possessions. Poor Dad was a bit vexed though, as Poppy was making her debut against the club he played the majority of his senior footy with. And very good footy too I’ve been told ...

MARK OF THE DAY - Uma Dumais

GOAL OF THE DAY - Dulcie White

PLAY OF THE DAY - Liliana Telford

PLAYER OF THE DAY - Ella Whitfield

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