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Round 8 Match Report - Jets U9 vs Waverley Rovers

Heath Walker - Coach.

Only our second home game for the season, saw the Waverley Rovers come to visit. We set up two teams of 10 under the two ground format, and took to both grounds to have fun and continue developing on what has been a great season to date. The two fields had quite different games, on Oval 1 there was a lot of two way football, whereas on Oval 2 we had a lot of the ball capitalising on the possession with a flurry of goals.

There was some major highlights throughout, with the boys concentrating on first to the football, leading into space and manning up.

Oval 2 also continued the great teamwork we have shown throughout the season, sharing the ball with seven different goal kickers. The advantage of having a pair of twins when you have two games is that you can split them – and that was a major advantage today, with both George and Riley Knowles

receiving players of their respective games and kicking multiple goals each. Things got icy post game though, when some of the boys at Family Night rallied the crowd to get the coach to do a surprise ice-bucket challenge – revenge is best served cold (so more ice may be in order).

Players of the Game

George and Riley Knowles

Goals of the Game

Harrison Walker and Blake Cassidy

Mark of the Game

George Coombs and Matthew Stevenson

Play of the Game

Noah Windsor and Andrew Perogiannis

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