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Round 9 Match Report - Jets U10 Girls vs East Ringwood

Paul Telford - Coach.

Where do I start ?? A thick fog had descended over the East Ringwood ground, & that’s where it stayed for the entirety of the match. For most of the game, I was relying on relayed messages coming down from one end of the ground as to who had kicked the goal or had done what! Simply too hard to see.

It was cold. The girls first real dose of bitterly cold wet weather footy. They weren’t too keen on taking their hoodies off ...

Another slow start. No wonder coaches go bald or grey. A real head scratcher. Can’t quite put my finger on it. 3 goals to none in the first quarter. 4 goals to 1 for the first half. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

A coach has to teach many things. Today’s lesson was going to be resilience.

Game day = Fun day. Playing footy beats footy training. So to get the most out of their last bit of footy for the week, the girls were asked to run, run, run, & the only way to get those little fingers warm, was to get their hands on the ball first. It was pointed out that the opposition had cold hands as well.

The coach & the parents were most pleased to see that the girls took the advice onboard, & ran over the top of the kangaroos with a 4.0 to 0.1 second half.

MARK OF THE DAY - Olivia Ryan

GOAL OF THE DAY - Annie Humphrey

PLAY OF THE DAY    - Bella-Rose Henson

PLAYER OF THE DAY  - Sabine Dumais

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