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Round 5 - Jets vs Montrose - U10 Girls Match Report

Paul Telford - Coach

Bit of a slow start again this week. The coach can’t quite put his finger on it ... But again, to the girl’s credit, they knuckled down & began to concentrate a little more (as we’ve discussed – you’re always in play) & got their hands first on the ball more by playing in front & adopting one of our themes to ‘see ball, get ball’. This is despite the opposition diving on the ball frequently, allowing them an easy possession. The girls have been instructed to keep their feet as it is a bad & dangerous habit to get into.

Football is a running game. And the girls again ran the game out very strongly – even the hardest running which is defensive running. It was good to see ALL the girls get a possession, be involved & contribute to the game. The intent of each of the girls to share the ball around is fantastic, however, there is still much work to do on the basic skills of the game. There has been huge improvement week on week since round 1, but we’re going to put some polish on those skills & further improve the link-up play.

Lots of marks this week & just generally a really good & even team effort. We look to playing on our home deck next week for only the second time this season.

Heathmont 9.2.56 def Montrose 2.2.14

MARK OF THE DAY - Bella-Rose Henson

GOAL OF THE DAY - Mackenzie Acland

PLAY OF THE DAY - Josie Almy


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